Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Greener Energy Policis Will Create More Jobs in The Midwest! Renewable Energy Jobs Are Still on The Rise

Report: Greener energy policies will create more Midwest jobs
By Thomas Content of the Journal Sentinel

One week after a report found Wisconsin ranked 13th in the nation in green jobs, a new report projects the state would add another 11,500 jobs if it adopted more aggressive policies supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The Union of Concerned Scientists report concludes that the Midwest would add 87,500 jobs by 2030 if all of the Midwest states implemented a series of policies advocated by the Midwestern Governors Association during an energy summit at the Pfister Hotel nearly four years ago.

Policies promoting green energy aren’t in focus given the recession and the Republican landslide in last November’s elections changed control of the Legislature and elected Republican Scott Walker as governor.

The report, “A Bright Future for the Heartland,” modeled the impact of policies that would set a 30% renewable electricity standard for Midwest states by 2030. Accompanying that would be aggressive energy efficiency policies that aim to reduce energy use by 2% a year beginning in 2015.

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